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4th Feb. 2017 - 5th Snday of the Year

posted 3 Feb 2017, 06:45 by Veronica Yarwood


 H.B. & Hw.


In these disintegrating times the cynical question is, "Where is God?" And the answer is, "Share, shelter, clothe and stand by your kinsfolk." There is no other kind of folk; we are all brothers and sisters. That is what it takes to shine in our world and make God present, the sheltering, the sharing, the providing, the loyalty.


And our generosity has healing power. It brings wholeness to our humanity. Add integrity and we are into glory, the glory of the Lord, the glory of being all that we are meant to be, in the image and likeness of the Lord. The prayer that issues out of our generosity and integrity is attended by real presence, the real presence of the Lord, through, with and in us. We are never apart and our solidarity with the Lord relieves mankind and enlightens our humanity. "The good man is (indeed) a light in the darkness for the upright" (Ps: 111.4)


This God-powered revelation of generosity, healing, integrity and glory is endorsed by the Psalmist with his account of the good person. At once a light, generous, merciful, sharing and honourable, never wavering, always remembered. This good man has no fear of evil news

with a firm heart he trusts (trusts) in the Lord."


Such a person then is at once steadfast, fearless, open­handed, just; in short a glorious human being, the salt mind blower and a revelation of our Father in heaven. That is the good person. So we are not into oratory, philosophy and show. We are into guarantee and divine assurance. He is called Jesus, "The good man, (who) is a light in the darkness." He says so in so many words


"I am the Light of the World....

anyone who follows me

will have the light of life." (Jn. 8.12)

This is Jesus, the crucified Christ. A living, loving
demonstration of the Spirit. (1 Co. 2.5)


Jesus is the faith focus and the focus of all our faith. And our faith does not depend on human philosophy but on the power of God. We see things in a very different way. Whereas one vision sees only persons, places and things, the faith vision is of the whole "Jesus .... the crucified Christ....demonstration of the power of the Spirit", through, with and in the whole creation, rhyme and reason of our existence, salt of the earth and light of the world.


Hence our vocation to be salt and light so that all may walk in this truth, share, shelter and provide and "turn not from (our) own kith and kin." This is the knowl­edge. This is the only knowledge we claim. It is about Jesus, our humanity fully realised, and only about him as the crucified Christ, given completely for us to share with us, to shield and shelter, provide for us as we must do for one another.    (as featured in The Stanegate Magazine ’17).