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4th Feb. 2018 - Fifth Sunday of the Year B

posted 2 Feb 2018, 07:37 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


We identify with Job's description of life as

'pressed service' and 'hired drudgery', especially

in these times of global problems. Family,

employment, health; we struggle to get through the

day given the mountainous waves of problem and

difficulty. My friend has given up the news media

for its continuing misery. Bully for him but many

of us cannot avoid what's in our own backyard. So

we try harder and do more and more, forgetting we

are human beings, not human doings.


The Lord knows all about 'pressed service' and

'hired drudgery'. Once the word is out that God's

healing power works through Jesus, he is swamped.

They come in their droves in the brokenness of

poverty, sickness and breakdown. The whole town

comes crowding round Simon Peter's door looking

for the healing touch. And that's only in

Capemaum. Jesus could have worked night and

day in all the other towns of Galilee, healing,

releasing and teaching.


And what does he do? Jesus stands back. Jesus

withdraws. Jesus goes off to a lonely place to be

with God, to pray, to let go and let God. "But

everyone in Capernaum is looking for you," the

disciples complain. Come on, there's work to be

done, for heaven's sake! They miss a whole

dimension. Don't we all? We simply must learn to

prioritise, whatever the 'pressed service' and 'hired

drudgery'. And the priority is prayer, being totally

raised up into the divine dimension. Like Jesus, to

do the work of the Father we need to be with the

Father.  Being with the Father is the release of

saving  power, to serve, bring Good News and heal

and to answer our brother's and sister's every need.


To be with the Father after all is to be served by the

Father.  To be with the Father is to be renewed and

strengthened  by God's presence. And if Jesus

needs  to be alone before God and to be served by

the divine presence, so do we, obviously! We need

to be before God, in our utter dependence and to be

renewed totally by God's presence.

We can all learn to be with God in silence and

stillness. This ensures that our service is what God

wants for his people, the people we serve. The

Lord Jesus himself is our inspiration. And the Lord

Jesus inspires us to be with God regardless of life's

demands, regardless of the 'pressed service' and

'hired drudgery'. Let's do it. Let's do it day in and

day out and never give up. Let us pray without