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4th November 2018 - 31st Sunday of the Year B

posted 2 Nov 2018, 10:05 by Veronica Yarwood


The unreserved love of God is the key to infinite treasure,

human resource and abundance. Our exclusive adherence

to the Lord opens us to a God of strength, a 'rock', a

'fortress', a 'shield', a 'stronghold' And at the heart of it

all is love: hence our prayer, "I love you, Lord, my



However, of equal weight to 'love of God' is love of

neighbour. This is the novelty of Jesus' teaching Jesus

amplifies the great commandment and expresses the

complete reality. And it is love of God and neighbour, far

more important, it must be said, than any empty ritual!'


So we love God because God loves us first. It is because

God is love that we are enabled and called to love in return.

This is the bedrock, resource, help and strength -that frees -

us to love one another. And here we are, thinking we do it

all on our own! We depend utterly on a deeper word that

must be written in our hearts so that our deeper instincts are

redirected and reshaped in the direction of love.


And that word that must be written in our hearts is Jesus.

Jesus is the unique mediator who unites and reunites us to

the God who is love. Jesus makes compassionate love

visible in person. Jesus is heavenly sanctuary and eternal

love offering. In union with Jesus and only in union with

Jesus do we ever make a true offering of love for love to

the Father.


As St. Paul puts it: ". . . but you, God has made members of

Christ Jesus and by God's doing, he has become our

wisdom and our virtue and our holiness and our freedom.

As scripture says: 'if anyone wants to boast, let him boast

about the Lord." (1 Cor. 1:30) So this is where we stand.

"We stand with Christ so that his self-offering may become

ours. The new covenant (of love) is received as food and

drink so that, instead of remaining words on a page, it may

be written deep into our bodies, on our hearts."

(Columba McCann, O.S.B.)