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5th Aug. 2018 - 18th Sunday of the Year B

posted 3 Aug 2018, 11:16 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


So what price our freedom? The, immature person is

willing to sacrifice freedom for an imagined security.

Our freedom is always threatened by our sometimes

preference for an imagined security. "Might it not be

better to die as slaves, but with full stomach than to‑

die in the wilderness.; free but hungry." This is how

the problem expresses itself in the Book of Exodus.


That we may enjoy the freedom of the Sons of God

we need to recognise what is on offer. God can be

trusted completely to care for us, his desert people.

And we are a desert people; nothing guaranteed,

except the total care of our God for us. It doesn't

always look like that. It doesn't always feel like that.

But God's care for us is constant and total.


We find true freedom in our Lord and God. Trust

that freedom. Welcome that freedom even if the

bondage of materialism, bank balance or beauty

seems more secure. It is God who leads Us through

the wilderness of our world. We do not find our own

way. God in Christ IS the way. Jesus is the way to



So with Paul we turn our attention to the context in

which we live the Christian life. We are called to

live out the implications of our baptism. This means

we live a life of constant conversion, renewal and

finally transformation. It is constant growth, it is

maturation, becoming less to become more. It is ever

greater freedom from bondage and slavery to

selfishness, sin and dead ends. We are called to a

distinctive Christian identity.


So we keep our eyes on Jesus. We look constantly at

the Christ. He is model and focus for all our living.

He is the new man, man as he is meant to be, man

and woman as you and I are meant to be. Each in

his/her own unique way! Christ-like, new and free!

This is us if we but take the hand of the Lord and let

him show us the way to freedom of mind, heart and

spirit. In our Celtic catchphrase we 'let go and let