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6th December, 2015 - 2 Sunday of Advent C

posted 4 Dec 2015, 08:42 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle

Bible Sunday

H.B. & Hw.


Deliverance, laughter and song, marvels and gladness,

fruitfulness and rejoicing, such is the litany of promise and hope

that is ours today. And that is only our psalm.

Go to the prophet, Baruch, and there is just no way to sum up

the glorious future that is our destiny except the prophet's own

word. "God means to reveal (our) splendour to every nation."

Putting all this into the word of the gospel: "All mankind shall

see the salvation of our God". Luke says

Nor is all this some kind of grand religious dream. We have the

times, dates, people and places recorded and re-recorded We

have the historical evidence for blessing unbounded, salvation

and life. "In the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar's reign, when

Pontius Pilate was Governor of Judea, Herod, tetrarch of

Galilee, his brother, Philip, tetrarch of the lands of Iturea and

Trachonitis, Lysanias, tetrarch of Abilene, during the pontificate

of Annas and Caiaphas, the word of God came to John, son of

Zechariah." (Luke 3, 1-6) This word is no less historical than

any of the other facts and figures.

We are not a religion of fantasy. We do not do fantasy. We are

a religion of historical fact The secularists can try to debunk

our Christianity all they like, but they cannot debunk historical


facts. Let us never, forget that we are an historical religion.

Jesus is God made Man at a certain time, in a particular venue.

And risen, the Lord Jesus is now and for all time, clock time

and psychological time. The time-bound Jesus is now timeless

and for us all.

And this historical Jesus is divine salvation. This Jesus is our

deliverance, our laughter and song, our marvels and gladness,

fruitfulness and rejoicing. This Jesus is our splendour, revealed

and to be revealed to every nation.

Our Advent prayer and preparation is directed to Christmas,

2015 certainly, but our Advent prayer and preparation is part of

a universal  preparation for the Day of Christ, when we reach the

perfect goodness which Jesus Christ produces in us for the glory

and praise of God. And all this is unfolding in your story and

mine, now. All unfolding as it did in the fifteenth year of

Tiberius Caesar's reign and all the rest of them.

We cannot duck it even if we try. We are creatures with a

history and it is all wrapped up and tied into the history of Jesus

from Genesis to Apocalypse. The bible is our story. This is

your life! The bible is our tradition. We have no other. And

every word reveals Jesus, God made man. And every word

reveals us, man made God.

That is the deal, the covenant, the relationship, the life. Let us

not miss a syllable less we miss the Christ of God. No better

Advent exercise than giving ourselves the benefit of a scriptural

verse or two from the Advent readings to see us through each


Advent day. Maybe we could take the Mass Sheet home with

us for further reference. Pin it to the kitchen Notice Board!

After all, we believe "that man does not live on bread alone but

on every word that comes from the mouth of God", (Dew': 8.3)

and that is the Bible.