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6th May 2018 - 6th Sunday of Easter B

posted 6 May 2018, 10:31 by Veronica Yarwood

 HB & Hw.


The Cornelius story teaches us that our

relationship with God is not about nationality.

Its not about culture. God is bigger than all the

cultures and nationalities put together. The only

race that makes sense with God is the human

race. God is the common root of all human



So the unique and single condition of our

relationship with God is believing in God and

doing what is right by our fellow humans. Note

we do say "unique and single condition". Not

two conditions but one We believe in God by

doing right by others. One condition!


We worship God by good human behaviour.

And we take the point. All human beings are

made in God's image and likeness. All human

beings are infused with God's Spirit. As it says

in Genesis 2.v.7., "The Lord fashioned man of

the dust of the soil. Then he breathed into his

nostrils a breath of life and thus man became a

living being." So even before we have heard

the Good News we are already acceptable to

God. And when we behave according to God's

will for us we are accepted.


So our love for one another should model and

actualise the Father's love for us when he gives

us his Son and when Jesus gives himself for us.

This means that there can be no limit to our love.

There can be no limit to our practical will for the

happiness of one another.


This "one another" refers to the local Church

and the universal Church, but our love cannot be

exclusive or sectarian. What we are talking

about is God's own love for the whole world.

Its directed to all human beings.


So this love beginning as the Father's free gift of

Himself in his Son and reciprocated by the Son,

is finally reciprocated by true believers and

thereby we become friends of Jesus, friends of

the Father and friends of one another.


Friends of God we are at the high point of

Christianity and into the essence of Christian

life. This is the life willed for us by the Father

and the Son, fellowship with them and

membership of their family. If we do not

regard and act towards all others as our "friends"

our Christian life is imperfect. We can never

divorce our relationship with the Father and the

Son from action.


Even our prayer and contemplation is active and

directed to the service of others. Nor is our love

for our fellows limited to their material need. It

includes their total destiny. Created in God's

image and likeness they too are drawn to enjoy

God's life fully.


So we are not talking utopia, mirage or

unattainable ideal. We are talking true

brotherhood, true sisterhood. It is the reality to

which we are all invited. It is the reality to

which God destines and calls the whole of