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6th Nov. 2016 - 32nd Sunday of the Year C

posted 4 Nov 2016, 09:16 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


"Stay awake, praying at all times. . ." Luke: 21.36


These words go to the heart of the process that

transforms us. "Stay awake" is an invitation into our

true consciousness. What most of us regard as our

consciousness is but a stream of thoughts. Think me,

think me, think me! And a consequent stream of

emotions follow, feel me, feel me, feel me. At best it is

a false consciousness. Our true consciousness is the

watcher in us. The seer of our thoughts and consequent



The watcher observes the flow of thoughts and feelings

and knows that they are not our true consciousness.

Those thoughts and feelings are not the true self and

they are not the real me. The watcher in us, our true

consciousness that is, knows this.


Maybe we find ourselves using the true expression, "I

was beside myself!" Or even, "I cannot live with

myself!" In other words we are aware that there is a

duality; my true consciousness and my false

consciousness, the true self and the false self. And

"Stay awake!" from Luke: 21, is an invitation to be the

true self, the true consciousness and live life to the full.

Leave the flotsam and jetsom and live.


It is only the true self that can relate to "The King of the

world" of our Maccabees reading and makes sense of

the sacrifice of the seven brothers. Their true selves are

untouchable, hence their blasé-seeming attitude to the

loss of limb and life.


And how brilliant the response of the Psalmist, "I shall

be filled when I awake, with the sight of your glory, 0

Lord." When I am truly conscious and into my true

self, in other words, then the glorious presence will

dawn for me in all its glory, even now.


Luke tells us, "He is God, not of the dead but of the

living." The living enjoy true consciousness and they

are true self. They live in conscious loving union with

God. They are praying at all times because they are



All this does not happen out of the blue. Access to our

true  consciousness and the true self is through a daily

discipline of five, ten, fifteen or twenty minutes of

clearing our stream of consciousness of every "think

me, think me" and "feel me, feel me" till the stream is

clear and God takes over. It is called the contemplative

mind. So, "Stay awake, praying at all times.. ." and be