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7th January 2018 Epiphany of the Lord.

posted 5 Jan 2018, 09:40 by Veronica Yarwood

To ALL people God's favour is being offered to all

people. This is what Epiphany tells us. And we

celebrate the divine favour offered to all people the

world over. It is hardly surprising then that in the 60's

.the Roman Catholic Church broke away from a rigorous

interpretation of the adage: "Outside the Church there

is no salvation." We now declare the possibility of all

people being brought into the compass of the. saving

work of Christ and his Church. Partnership in the

Paschal Mystery is open to all and that mystery is the

saving plan of God for all.

We all struggle with evil, suffering and death. But we

are partners in the Paschal Mystery. We are configured

to the death of Christ and so we go forward strengthened

by hope to the resurrection. All this holds true not just

for us but for all people of good will in whom grace is

active invisibly. Christ died for all. All men are called

to the same destiny and that destiny is divine. So we

must hold that the Holy Spirit offers to ALL partnership

in the Paschal Mystery.

As a Church we declare our regard for the prayerfulness

and good deeds found in other faiths. Think back to

Assisi, October 1986. Pope John Paul met with the

Dalai Lama and other world religious leaders to pray for

peace. The Pope acknowledged PUBLICLY that

people receive salvation through and 1 quote, "the

sincere practice of what is good in their own religious

traditions". So the core doctrine of Islam consists of

five pillars: the profession of the one God, prayer,


pilgrimage, alms-giving and fasting. In his book


Pope John Paul shows an understanding and respect for

Hinduism and other Eastern religions. He states:

"God the Creator wants to save all humankind in Jesus

Christ, the only mediator between God and man, in as

much as he is Redeemer of ALL humankind.

Salvation we know is achieved through helping our

fellow human beings who may be hungry, thirsty,

homeless, naked, sick, imprisoned or anguished in any

way. We ALL share in this salvation offered by the

Holy Spirit by sharing in some way with those in need

around us;

It is in this helping and sharing that we are all configured

to Christ and so pass on to peace on earth and the

fullness of life. The Epiphany of the Lord shows Christ

as the light of ALL peoples. In his name we pray for

peace, respect for human rights, freedom everywhere and

a generous sharing of the world's resources. Our prayer

is our manifesto, our manifesto and resolution for 2048.

And what we pray we do!