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8th May 2016 - The Ascension of The Lord C

posted 6 May 2016, 12:37 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle


H.B. & Hw.


"He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right

hand of the Father." Mission accomplished! We

all say it. We have been reciting Ascension for

years. (Repeat). Omega and arrival! The

Ascension has been recited and proclaimed down

the centuries by countless Christians. (Repeat).

Signed, sealed and delivered!


And still we are dysfunctional. Despite the Lord's

living, ascended, mystical condition, despite his

intimacy, transparency and light we are, humankind

is just about totally dysfunctional. We call it

original sin.


And now for the depressing bit! A few random

examples of humankind's dysfunction. Look at the

state of the global economy, consider our proudest

British boast, namely government by opposition,

think for a moment of 20m deaths under Stalin's

Communism. 1 .4bn people across the world live in

poverty and so it goes on. The normal state of the

human mind is marred by fundamental defect.


Out of this insight into the nature of our human

condition, however, arises the insight into the

possibility of a radical transformation of our human

consciousness. Call it grace, total grace, Ascension

mode. The Ascension is the arising of sanity, the

beginning of healing and transcendence. With

Ascension, a new dimension of consciousness

emerges. As the Lord speaks to us of sin, suffering

and delusion, he says, "Look how you live. See

what you are doing, the suffering you create." And

Ascension is awakening from this collective

nightmare of "normal" human existence.


Ascension is the way to be with the Lord, not

without the Lord. The truth shines out and we are

into dawning realisation, true consciousness and

inner transformation. Our faith in the Ascension

has transformative power.


The Ascension does not leave a great yawning gap

of 'no Jesus anymore'. From Ascension on in, it is

all Jesus, Jesus all the way. It is an expression of

the Lord's condition of total presence and

availability and our potential for sharing this

ascended divine life, love and power. We have our

way out of dysfunction and fundamental defect.


We graduate from a set of thoughts which we

regard as the absolute truth, religion that is, into /

spirituality, the transformation of our

consciousness, an entirely new development. We

are mini-mystics, conscious of our union with all,

all being, all living, all doing, the whole creation,

indeed, the very Godhead through, with and in

Jesus our ascended Lord.


We may not divide the field because it is

indivisible. Division is dysfunction, darkness and

death. Union is love, light and life. This is

Ascension and heaven and the right hand of the

Father; the end of dysfunction and "he ascended

into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the

Father." At the Ascension, as the poet says, "We

touch the shore." It is a closure, yet it is also a

moment of arrival and therefore, a possible new

beginning. (Mary Oliver)