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9th Sept. 2018 - 23rd Sunday of the Year B

posted 6 Sep 2018, 08:49 by Veronica Yarwood

H.B. & Hw.


"Courage! Do not be afraid." This is Kingdom speke. Even

during our present tribulation "Do not be afraid." The Kingdom

is coming; ever more fully experienced by each one of us. We

have every reason for hope and our Christian hope is certainty.

Certainty that all will be well. Wholeness, harmony and justice

are ours as Kingdom people. And we are not so much waiting

for a time when God's kingdom will come. The reality is much

more subtle and we are living the life of the Kingdom even now

Look at Jesus' miracles, listen to Jesus' parables of the

Kingdom and see a vision of our world and our relationships

within it as God intends it to be. That is his divine Kingdom.


In any case, our God does not need time. All times are present

to God who is beyond time. So the kingdom of God where all is

as it should be is an eternal reality, though usually beyond our

sight. With Christ, however, God's kingdom is presented to us,

brought to us and its nature is shown to us. That is why the

kingdom of God is said to be 'among us' - and indeed, 'within

us'. (Luke: 17.21) We are offered the grace and gift of living in

God's kingdom, even as we continue to live in this world.


So this is the miracle. This is the wonder and marvel and

healing worked by Christ's incarnation, his life and his teaching

Jesus is the Good News of the kingdom. Jesus is the cure and

the restoration of all to wholeness and harmony and justice.

Jesus is our food and our freedom. Jesus is our vision, our

restoration and our protection. Jesus is God's Kingdom in

person. If we can only live out our utter dependence on the

Lord, our essential poverty, the Kingdom is ours here and now.

We call it salvation, shalom, total wellbeing. So we praise and

thank God for the healing miracles of Jesus which reveal his

true identity. We praise and thank God for the prophetic vision

of the wholeness and righteousness that we share as Kingdom

people. "Courage! Do not be afraid."