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posted 20 Feb 2016, 08:20 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle   [ updated 20 Feb 2016, 08:21 ]

21st  Feb. 2016— 2nd Sunday of Lent, C


H.B.& Hw.


At the end of it all, "Jesus is found alone." All the

way from Abraham and the Old Covenant, through

the Psalms and Canticles of our tradition, into Paul

and the Philippians, at the end of it all, "Jesus is

found alone."

And Jesus is journey's end for all of us As indeed,

he is our starting out. Jesus is, "God's. . . covenant

with Abraham" fully expressed. Jesus is denounent

and final resolution. Nor are we witness to some

theatrical presentation. We are not reading a novel.

This is the really real. This is glorious reality,

truth, divine presence, eternal life, the here and the


The Lord has every sympathy with us in our

difficulties with his real presence in our ordinary,

every day experiences, in our now. So to help us in

our difficulties, He takes us climbing. He takes us

up the mountain with Peter, James and John To

pray, to listen and to become aware.

This is where we see and behold Jesus in all his

glory. This is where we enter the cloud of

unknowing.. This is where we hear the Father

proclaiming, "This is my Son Listen to Him",

as he listens to you.



In prayer we see and behold In prayer we hear the

Father. And this transforms all the rest The

ordinary, everyday experiences become the

tabernacle of Jesus' real, never absent presence for

us now.

And we listen. We learn to listen to Jesus as our

Father tells us to. Our prayer becomes a listening,

a listening to Jesus. He speaks to us out Of all our

experience, good, bad and indifferent.

For us, the distinction between .the sacred and the

secular fades. Sacred and secular merge and

there's only Jesus. Every person, place and thing

assumes a new importance and we touch our world

with reverence.. We prostrate ourselves in the all

embracing, real presence of the Lord who is with,

through and in all.

Our homeland is heaven and heaven is our

homeland. And Jesus is transforming our

"wretched bodies .'. . into copies of his glorious

(transparent, omnipresent) body." The same with

the whole universe. It is being transfigured by the

power of the Lord Jesus, by the 'Power of Now'.

Hence the emerging Christianity. Hence the

emerging Church, now so evident in our new



"Whom shall I fear then?" ". . . before whom shall

I shrink?" The Lord really is my total

enlightenment and my every help, direct and total

insurance. In prayer we learn to see his face in

every face and feature, at every breathing moment.


At the end of it all, Jesus is found alone, in prayer.

Hence our Lenten formula: prayer, fasting and alms

deeds. But first and foremost, last and all the time,

comes prayer. And our fasting is prayer.  And our

alms giving is prayer as we live and work in

conscious loving union with the Father through

Jesus in the Spirit, now.