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Corpus Christi, C

posted 30 May 2016, 09:45 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle   [ updated 31 May 2016, 02:58 by Veronica Yarwood ]

29th May 2016 -


H.B. &•Hw.

Miracle 5-5-2 says it all. Miracle 5-5-2 is the feeding of the

five thousand with five loaves and two fishes, and it says it all.

It says what Corpus Christi is about. It says. Be responsible

for the hungry crowd, hungry for food, hungry for shelter and

clothing, hungry for company and consolation. Do not send

them elsewhere. "Give them something to eat yourselves"

(Luke 9: 11-17) Make them welcome no matter what the time

of day or night, no matter how busy, no matter how



Talk to them of the Kingdom of God by telling them how

precious they are. Convince them of their divme prospects by

unleashing your divine qualities upon them. Tell them that

God loves them unconditionally. Like the priest who told me

of the transformation of a murderer when he, the priest, said,

"There'll, be a room at the presbytery for you when you come

out of prison if your family won't have you".

Welcome, Kingdom-talk and the third thing, cure. Cure the

hungry crowd. Cure their sickness of heart, their sickness of

mind and body by turning upon them the love of God that is iii

you. Sickness of heart, mind and body cannot live with divine

love. It is transformed into the glowing, health of total

relationship with God which is the only true wellbeing.


Be responsible for the hungry crowd in the way that the Lord

is. ".... on the same night he was betrayed, the Lord Jesus

took some bread and thanked God for it and broke it and he

said, 'This is my body which is for you'." We, likewise, must

thank God for what we have to give. We, like Jesus, at the 5‑

5-2 miracle raise our eyes to heaven recognising that what we

have, we have received; health, vigour, talents, mind, body

and spirit. All that makes us who and what we are and we

break ourselves and distribute ourselves among the hungry



And we know this is the new deal, the new agreement, the

new covenant between God and humankind which makes us

divine, both the one who gives and the one who receives. In

union with Christ we are to be "the living bread which has

come down from heaven" for the hungry crowd. And we

know where it will all end. "Anyone who eats this bread"

which we provide in union with Christ "will live forever".

Having first received the bread of life and entered deep union

with Christ, we are priests of the order of Melchizedek,

making God present to humankind and humankind present to

God by loving welcome, by loving talk, by loving cure, by

sharing all we have, indeed, our very persons. By feeding the

hungry. And at the end of it all we shall have found ourselves,

our true selves.


So, the Catholic understanding of Christianity, at its best does

not emphasise how to get to heaven but how to get your feet

On the pound, how to get in touch with the real. Truly

Catholic Chtistianity tells us how to get into society, into

history, tied to the common good, how to be part of the grime

and fleshiness of it all. We receive the body of Christ; we

don't just reflect on his ideas. That is primal energy. That is

archetypal energy. That is transformative energy.


(Final Paragraph after Richard Rohr - Corpus Christi)