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8th Oct. 2017 - 27th Sunday of the Year A

posted 5 Oct 2017, 07:05 by Veronica Yarwood   [ updated 5 Oct 2017, 07:06 ]

 HB. &Hw .


Despite all the digging, despite all the planting

and building "Project Vineyard" is a dismal

failure. The vineyard itself is a disaster in the

Old Testament parable. In the New Testament

parable the vineyard's tenants are the disaster.

So what is at stake here? Clearly we are into

fruit in a big way. Another parable, the parable

of the true vine gives us:

"I chose you from the world

to go out and bear fruit,

fruit that will last,

says the Lord" Jn. 15.16.

So we are the issue. Whether we think of

ourselves as vineyard or vineyard tenant, we are

the issue. We are meant to be productive. We

are meant to

"bear fruit,

fruit that will last."


And, of course, we are not talking about sour

grapes, or even sweet grapes. We are talking

about spiritual fruit, like charity, joy and peace.

We are talking about qualities of kindness,

gentleness and compassion, patience, goodness,

perseverance. We are talking mildness, faith

and discretion and even continency and chastity.


And that cornucopia must leave us asking for a

break from such impossible expectations. But

these expectations are only impossible if we

mistake their origin and their only possible



The God of peace is their origin and fulfilment.

So, as St. Paul reminds us, "There is no need to

worry. If there is anything you need, pray for

it, asking God for it with prayer and

thanksgiving, and that peace of God... .... will

guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ

Jesus." Phil.4.6.


That is the secret of "Project Vineyard", the

prayer that lets God be God in us, with us and

through us, with all those divine qualities and

fruits that register as charity, joy, peace and all

the rest.

So, ".. . .go out and bear fruit,

fruit that will last," Jn. 15.16.

for ever and ever.