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Homily - 22nd March 2015 - Sunday of Lent, B

posted 21 Mar 2015, 08:11 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle   [ updated 6 Nov 2015, 00:44 by StJohns Annitsford ]

22nd March 2015 - Sunday of Lent, B

H. B. & Hw.

We walked the dark, dead country lanes! We walked the dark, dead country lanes only a matter of weeks since, life on hold and death abounding. And now, already, we are walking paths of a myriad possibilities, visions of new life and resurrection. 

It is true then, "If a grain of wheat falls on the ground and dies, it yields a rich harvest." (Jn: 12.22) The life force cannot be extinguished. Even our corpses nourish the earth that feeds the wheat for the production of the staff of life that others may live. The rhythm of nature echoes the divine ways which lead from darkness to light, winter to spring and death to life. Play along with this rhythm and we produce a glorious symphony of life. Play it any other way and there's cacophony and discord. And life is the victim. And he who claims to be our life is the victim, turning even discord, sin and death into harmony, love and life. 

The spirit of God after all, is the life force that can never be quenched.

This spirit of God is the new covenant by which God guarantees never to call our sin to mind. The spirit of God is kindness, compassion and cleansing. If we want to see what the spirit can do for us, look at Jesus. Jesus is so spirit-filled that he is the life and soul of the universe. Jesus is so spirit-filled he is the way, the only way; the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; and the life, our life now and the fullness of life forever.

And as there are a myriad expressions of Jesus' death all about us, from Syrian slaughter to transport tragedy and Gallic assassination, so even they are sites for healing, new life and resurrection. 
As Ruth Burrows writes: "They, (even they) indicate a deep ... awareness that the ultimate is life and joy. Pain, affliction of whatever kind; these pass away but life and joy are eternal. Even now, our sad, suffering, seemingly lost world is enfolded, upheld and penetrated by absolute joy and life; behind its tears gleams the serene smile Dante perceived and this life and joy even now is our inheritance and our real home."