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15th Sunday of the Year B

posted 9 Jul 2015, 06:14 by St Wilfrid RC Haltwhistle   [ updated 6 Nov 2015, 00:44 by Jerry Laidler ]

12th July 2015 - 15th Sunday of the Year, B

H.B. & Hw.

Word and Kingdom do not permeate our world by magic. God sends Jesus in the flesh, word made flesh and Kingdom in person to reveal divine love. It is always a hands-on mission. 

We are called to witness to our brothers and sisters, whoever they may be

We may have a mission to the powerful, the prestigious. We may have a commitment to the sick or to those out of control of their lives, to show them, whatever their need that there is another way. That there is infinitely more to life. Our God calls us to be his\her co-worker(s).

We have to discern the word and what it takes to bring in the Kingdom in our by now, very different world.

Our mission is a team mission. The team way is the way to consistency and truth in our witness. Our unity does after all, witness to a fragmented world. We are not "lone rangers" and certainly not "loose cannons".

The team keeps us on track, in tune, especially in our times of great difficulties and uncertainty. Consultation is the strength of the mission team. 

We should be known by our poverty and simplicity.

Our poverty is a register of our total dependence on the Lord in our mission. Our simplicity goes for the obvious. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the imprisoned. Keep it simple Our only equipment for our mission is the Jesus-given authority. It is an authority over evil and a power to serve. We do not need any other authority. Our poverty is more powerful than possessions. "Poor to be free is the message". Nor must we distance ourselves from folk by ostentation of any kind. We simply insert ourselves discreetly into each melieu. 

Thus we assume our responsibility for word and Kingdom.

So we take the point. Our Christian authority is from the Lord. We have authority over evil from Jesus. This authority speaks to people as guest. This authority does not impose its message. This authority leaves our listeners free to respond. We temper our way of living to avoid erecting barriers with our brothers and sisters. 

Our ministry is a respectful ministry. And our ministry is an unlimited ministry.

Evil must be challenged wherever it emerges. Be it hunger, thirst, alienation, nakedness, sickness or imprisonment, in whatever shape or form. Our mission is to offer the word of salvation. Our mission is to offer the fullness of life and the larger life of the Kingdom in Jesus' name. 

So we take St. Paul at his word,
"Before the world was made, God chose us." (Eph. 1.4) 
"Go prophesy to my people," (Amos. 7.15)
The Lord says.

And what began with the Twelve continues with us.
We are people of the word. We are Kingdom people.
And we are such for our world.