Homily OF Fr. Leo Pyle - In Thanksgiving for Ministry

So we are Emerging Church. We are Emerging Christianity. Something very important is happening around us. Something very important is happening within us. It is a. change of mind and a charge of heart, a new receptivity towards the Holy Spirit. It is evident in all the churches. No one is controlling what is happening. No one is limiting this movement and shift.

 We are all learning to listen together.


We are recovering the contemplative tradition. We are leaving the dualistic consciousness of them and us, black and white, Catholic and Protestant etc. Our Bible study leads us all to Jesus and a global sense of Christianity. Our former divisions are either resolved or now seem as boring and non-essential. Our present reading and living of the Gospels gives us a new ability to distinguish the essentials from the incidentals in church practice and teaching. We are aware that Jesus teaches non‑violence, simplicity of life, peace-making and love of creation.  Jesus

does not teach domination, wealth and power.         


Jesus is concerned about specific healing and transformation of real people and human society, not just intellectual belief in doctrines and moral stances which do not transform us. Experiential Christianity is          both possible and desirable. It leads us to Father, Son and Spirit. The mystical opens up before us and our Christian prayer reaches new levels.

We are developing a non-violent thinking and spirituality, a third way, beyond fight or flight. There are new structures of community and solidarity, mostly lay led. The typical local parish cannot answer all of our needs. With many gifts and many ministries our validation comes

from actual competence, suffering the issues and willing to serve.


This is all happening round the world. Our following of Jesus has much more to do with an actual daily lifestyle than with believing things. The historic Churches have trained us well and now send us on this emerging mission.


Everything flowing from this Emerging Christianity needs to have non dualistic thinking: a non-oppositional contemplative mind and head. It embodies the wonderful wholeness of Jesus and a fully contemplative way of being active and involved in our suffering world. If we identify with all this we are Emerging Christians. We are Emerging Church.


So now we give thanks. We thank God for the Emerging Church: We give thanks for priesthood We give thanks for saving ministry in all its expressions, so generously undertaken by all of you, so generously sustained and encouraged by all of you. I personally carry a great debt, a debt of gratitude to you all for undying support in priesthood, for your dedicated ministry to every need and for letting me go into retirement with so many expressions of appreciation and affirmation. My deep and sincere thanks to each and every one of you. You are great people because you are God's people.  Alleluia, praise the Lord.