Some videos that we hope you like #GodBless+

Glory To God - Pentecost @ StWilfrids

Glory To God was written by parishioner Gordon Bell and performed by parishioners of St. Wilfrid's RC Church, Haltwhistle.

To view the video, simply click on Fr. Pyle :)    
#GodBless+ and we hope you enjoy it
 All Hallows Eve’ Candle Display ...
  • To ‘Christianise’ Halloween ...
  • To be handed out to parishioners of weekend before Halloween
  • Parishioners to take them home and display in their windows on Halloween and All Saints & All Souls days
  • You could bless a candle at the w/e Mass to hand out also.

(click on the picture for a short 'fun' video - but turn up the volume - very loud :)

Candle card template to download is here :)